The Magic of Illuminated Water

Mesmerising Performance Art With

Chanson D’eau

We are Chanson D’eau, a troupe of performance artists with a story to tell. Travelling all around the world, we bring our unique water and light show to events of all shapes and sizes – ensuring a magical experience for all ages.

Magic, Magic Everywhere

Capturing your audience’s attention takes time and effort. Our society has grown increasingly accustomed to dazzling visual experiences, from fireworks to light shows and CGI displays. What might have seemed impossible once upon a time is commonplace today. The bottom line is, if you’re going to try and dazzle a crowd, you need something no one has ever seen before.

Our fairytale-themed water and light show delivers just this. With Chanson D’eau, you can be certain that no matter the event, your guests will leave with a special memory and a story to tell their friends.

Why Choose Us?

Through Chanson D’eau, you can tap into your guests’ ingrained sense of wonder. Using lights, music and impeccable choreography, we tell a subtle, multi-sensory story as our three illuminated flowers glide across the water – each containing a performer.

Sounds spectacular? It really is! It’s a simple yet elegant form of water performance art, delivered by seasoned professionals and customised to your schedule.

The word ‘unique’ is overused. Too often, it describes something slightly different, a tried-and-tested act tweaked just enough for someone to call it their own. We wanted to create something bold that no one had ever seen before.

Our innovative form of water and light performance, which has fairytale motifs weaved in, is how we created this new approach to storytelling.

No matter the occasion, we can add a sprinkling of magic. From public events to private ceremonies like weddings and engagements, our light performance art brings something different to the table. We’ll fully tailor our shows to your specifications, synchronising our performance with existing attractions, such as DJs or live acts – creating a seamless experience for your guests.

We’d be delighted to discuss your requirements, whatever they might be.

About Us

Once Upon a Time…

Theatre-marker, singer and composer Yasodhara Romero Fernandes created Chanson D’eau. A longtime performance art student, Yasodhara had sung at festivals and concerts while composing music for short films – winning a Mooie Noten Prize for her work on VoiceOverCello.

In 2013 she was asked to put together a one-off water performance, drawing on the power of human consciousness as her inspiration. A second show took a different path, focusing on the in memoriam of war and nature’s role as a silent witness in humanity’s conflicts.

Following these successes, Yasodhara realised the potential of this new artistic medium and started recruiting talented performers to join her. Bound by a love of inventive storytelling, folklore and delighting audiences, Chanson D’eau was born.

This passion has taken Chanson D’eau worldwide, delivering performances in America, the Middle East and Europe. While we draw from years of tried and tested theatrical experience, we adapt each show to our surroundings, ensuring that every performance is original.

We’re always looking for new places to shine our light, so if you’re interested in learning how we can illuminate your next event, we’d be delighted to talk.

An Enchanting Experience

We ensure every performance is magical, memorable and mesmerising, offering a simple, flexible service that allows you to weave our show around your event plans. We can be the centrepiece, a side note or anything in between. It’s up to you!

Land or Water Show

While we perform most of our shows on water, that’s not all we offer. Our light-up flowers provide beautiful decoration on land and are particularly popular at live events. Our singers and dancers are on hand to deliver our extra-special brand of festival performance art.

Strings to Our Bow

Our troupe of experienced actors, dancers and singers present various performance art opportunities. All performances are composed by our virtuoso founder Yasodhara Romero Fernandes and the Chanson d’eau Creative Team, creating a magical experience each time.

Tailored to You

Whatever you have planned for your audiences, we’ll work with it. Our routines are adjustable to your specifications, and we can synchronise our display to any musical or visual shows you have, enhancing your programme through seamless collaboration.

Encore, Encore!

We wouldn’t want anyone to miss our fairytale. For every event, we offer up to four separate 15-minute performances spread out and conducted at convenient times for you. These can be repetitions of each other for new crowds or one continuous story with regular intervals in between.

It’s a Secret

If you’ve got an event planned, be it a festival, a wedding or a landmark birthday party, our performance can be the cherry on the cake. Our magical light and water shows can easily deliver a heartfelt message or dazzle that special someone with a completely unexpected display. Talk to us about the endless possibilities – we’re sure we can make it work!

Weddings, Festivals and Cinderella Balls

Regardless of the occasion, we’ll have something to offer your treasured guests. Our talented and experienced team is just as comfortable performing in front of small, intimate groups as we are delivering magic to large crowds at festivals and concerts.

Custom Installations

We don’t need to be present to light up your event. Our team can design and build a bespoke light installation if you need eye-catching decoration. If you can dream it, we can make it.

Contact us

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Missing a Touch of Magic?

Let us help. 

For over 10 years, we’ve helped countless events delight their audiences through a unique form of performance art that never fails to amaze. 

Whatever you have in mind, we would love to discuss it and create something unforgettable together.